Portwest Athens MeshAir Executive Vest

Portwest Athens MeshAir Executive Vest

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              Portwest Athens MeshAir Executive Vest


We introduce the all-new Portwest Athens MeshAir Executive Vest. Using Mesh air fabric for your comfort and safety.

Description of  Mesh Air Executive Vest

We do care about you! That is why introducing all-new high-quality Portwest Athens MeshAir Executive Vest. Using mesh air technology for constant airflow. keeps cool and dry in all working conditions. Multiple pockets to keep your accessories safe. Front zipper for easy excess. Kept as simple as possible to make user friendly. Vast technology for your comfort with mesh air fabric. keeps the ventilation in the body. Mesh fabric gives the advantage of durability. Easy to clean.Lightweight and tear resistance.Useful for workers and employees in the construction area. To fulfil your needs.

We have introduced this product. Wear it and feel the next level of comfort. By keeping your safety in mind this product was introduced now you do not have to worry about your safety concerns. This product was assembled by using lightweight material for your comfort. The best thing about it is its price tag. We assure you that it is a basic need of you and keep its price bracket as low as possible. This easily affordable mesh air product keeps your breath comfortably throughout your work. Now you don’t have to worry about its price tag in it. Reasonable price without compromising is our main objective. The main goal is to provide safety at a reasonable cost. The contrast in colours also gives a cool look at whether its main objective is providing you safety at cheap cost.


. durable

. Lightweight

. combination of polyester and cotton

. Airflow for comfort

. Resistance from tearing

. Easy to clean

. Pockets to keep accessories like id and radio etc